Glorious Gaming Model O / Model O – (Minus) Lightweight Game Mouse Wired Electric Race Mechanical Optoelectronic Mouse


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Glorious Gaming Model O / Model O – (Minus) Lightweight GameĀ  Mouse Wired Electric Race Mechanical Optoelectronic Mouse

Note:This mouse is divided into Model O version and Model O – (Minus)version. The size of Model O-(Minus) version of the mouse is slightly smaller than Model O version. Please choose the mouse that suits you when you buy it.

The honeycomb hollow is strong and lightweightLightness and comfort
The innovative honeycomb hollow structure is the key to maintaining light weight and high strength structure at the same time. During the game, you will hardly feel these holes, but they can reduce the skin contact area, improve air circulation, reduce hand sweat, and improve the experience of use.

Super soft umbrella cord braid is light and sensitive

Abandoning the traditional mouse wire, the MODEL O gaming mouse is equipped with a super-soft umbrella cord braided wire that is sought after by hardcore peripheral enthusiasts, with excellent flexibility and flexibility, allowing you to experience a close wireless mouse on a wired mouse. The sense of freedom.

PTFE material G- Skates foot sticker

No need to buy third-party foot stickers. Model O gaming mouse is equipped with Glorious G-Skates foot stickers, which are made of pure and nearly 100% PTFE material, and the edges are rounded to ensure that the mouse pad will not be scratched when the mouse is used. Let your mouse experience the same smoothness as butter cut by a hot knife during use. The thickness of 0.4mm is not afraid of daily wear and tear, and brings longer service life.

Pixart 3360 Sensor

Game-level optical sensor to achieve pixel-level surface tracking. Maximum sampling rate 12000DPI, support 1QQPP! Marching type adjustment and X/Y axis independent adjustment. It can withstand the maximum acceleration of 40G and the maximum moving speed of 250IPs (6.35 m/s). After careful adjustment by Glorius engineers, the minimum LOD can reach about 1.2mm.

The balance between hand feeling and performance

Constantly seeks the balance between hand feeling and performance. After repeated tests, the final choice is to micro-make the left and right buttons of the mouse for 20 million times, so that users can click the buttons every time without affecting the service life of the product, glorius can feel the good feedback and comfort confirmation brought by careful adjustment of ModelO game Mouse.

Select your favorite surface coated layer

According to the preferences of different players, glorius designed two completely different surface materials, Mirror & matte, for ModelO game Mouse,each player can according to personal needs, choose your own mouse surface to show yourself in the game.

Model O — Asian Version Size

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