Greentest-ECO6 Updated Home Digital Radiation TDS Water Nitrate Tester Detector with Capacitive Screen and Bluetooth Function


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Greentest-ECO6F Updated 6 IN 1 Home Digital Detector , Radiation Detector +TDS Water Tester + Nitrate Tester for Vegetable, Fruit, Meat and Fish- Health Care Helper with Capacitive Screen and Bluetooth Function

Greentest ECO6 is the newest device of Greentest Product Line.

Based on the Greentest ECO5F,
Greentest ECO6 has 2 main updates: the screen is replaced by capacitive display screen, the other feature is that the device is powered with the bluetooth function, so that the device could be connected with the smart phone and share the testing experience anytime.

Using the nitrate, water and radiation testing technology, the innovative Greentest Eco6F detects nitrate levels in 64 of the most commonly consumed fruit and vegetables and all types of meat and fish. Additionally, it can detect total dissolved solids (TDS) in water (or water hardness), as well as background radiation in your immediate environment alerting you to unsafe radiation exposure.

Radiation Detector

The upgraded Geiger-Muller tube can detect ionizing radiation in the environment (gamma ray and beta-particle flow) doses, such as nuclear radiation. Not the radiation of a computer.

Home Kitchen TDS Water Tester

Greentest-ECO5F can test out the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water to help you confirm the quality of the daily used water.

Home Kitchen Nitrate Tester for Fruit,Vegetable,Fish and Meat

Greentest ECO5F can detect toxins in 64 various kinds of vegetables and fruits and test out the harmful substances inside, such as the high nitrates. Green=Safety, Yellow=Notice, Red=Danger!

Bluetooth Function

Greentest ECO6 can be connected with the mobile phone and help people share the testing experience on socials.

Certification, Awards and Warranty

The Greentest device has international certificates such as CE, CQC, SGS SMQ WEE, and awards at international fairs such as Green Innovation Technology Award. All Greentest devices has one year after-sales service guarantee.

Portable, Compact and lightweight

Greentest ECO6 is designed with your convenience in mind. The compact and light weight device is small enough to fit into your poket or easily carried in your bag to take with you wherever you go.


1.Why do the values displayed in different places are different?

Nitrate is unevenly distributed in different parts of the same fruit and vegetable. For example, in the same carrot, you insert it in a different place, and the result is the nitrate content of the part where the probe is inserted. If you insert a place, pull it out and insert it, you may get different results. Because the same hole is inserted again, the pressure on the probe contact surface will change the density of the pulp in the hole, and the nitrate content will also change. There are fluctuations.

2.Why do you choose different kinds of standards to test the same fruit and vegetables will produce different results?

Because the value of the test is converted by the chip, it is necessary to accurately select the corresponding product, and the ratio of nitrate concentration of each product is different, so the result of the same standard test is not the same. same. This also shows that Green Food is very accurate to measure and give accurate measurements.


1.Increasing the number of observations leads to a greater accuracy of results.

2.Usage time specified for default device settings and battery capacity of 720 mAh.

Additional information:

Product warranty: two-year product warranty for EU countries and one-year product warranty for all other countries. Delivery: Delivery costs are not included in the price of the product. To discuss shipping and delivery requirements contact sales manager.

Online product verification: ensure that you have an official Greentest device by using our convenient online verification service. Customer support: customer support service available at our Store

Additional information

Brand Name


DIY Supplies






Model Number

Greentest ECO6

Nitrate Measurement Range

0- 9999 mg/kg

The range of background radiation

0- 9.99usv/h (999.9ur/h)

The range of hardness in water


Measurement time

3 seconds

Measurement inaccuracy

< 10%

Power Source

Li-Ion battery

Battery Capacity

720 mah

Additional Power Source


USB Charge Current

310 mA

USB Power Supply


Usage Time

up to 20 hours


122 * 52 *14 mm



TFT color display resolution

320 * 240

Operating temperature

0-60 Degree Celsius




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