Hanke Expandable Soft Shell Luggage Suitcase Travel Trolley Case Mute Spinner Wheels TSA Lock Classic Design Waterproof 8039S

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Hanke, Chinese Famous Luggage Brand, Come to New York Times Square!

Hanke Classic Design Soft Shell Luggage Suitcase

Can a suitcase sold for 10 years?

In soft suitcase category, we can say Hanke is the No.1 brand in China.

The H8039 suitcase is one of the most classic designs by Hanke. It is created since 2009. We keep upgrade its design and function several times. During the past 10 years, it is sold more than 570,000 pieces in China. And it is still hot selling more than 4,000 pieces in China per month! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Then let’s find its charm via pictures and video.

Open the zipper, than you can expand the suitcase capacity by 15%!

(Note: 16 18 inch can’t be expanded)

Test Report by Official Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

High test standard, 3 times of international test standard, all passed. Quality is ensured. Please buy with confidence.

How to set a new password???

Step 1.The password on the Luggage case is set initially at 0-0-0.
Step 2.Push the “trapezoidal button that has a keyhole”to the right.
Step 3.When this button is pushed furthest to the right,the double zipper heads will then pop up,and the password lock is now unlocked.
Step 4.In the original password,use a pointed object(Pen)to hold the small circle.After you hear a slight sound “Da”,you can take out the pointed object,and next you can reset the new password at this time.
Step 5.Choose your favorite number as your new password (Note:Must remember the NEW password you set)(For example,the password of the test is 6-7-8)
Step 6.Push to the right with a keyhole trapezoidal button again.The small circle will be rebounded to its original position.So happy,your suitcase’s new password is set successfully.
Please do not worry.This is a standard TSA password lock and the key is only owned by customs officers.

How is Hanke brand?

We are top brand in China. If you have interest, please have a look at Brand Story of Hanke.

3 Years Warranty!!!

Dear friends, all of our products are excellent in materials and technology. Please keep the Luggage after-sales card and enjoy 3 Year Free Repair Warranty. Quality is ensured. Please buy with confidence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Best Regards–Hanke

Additional information

Brand Name


Main Material




Item Weight

according to size

Item Height

according to size

Luggage Type

Rolling Luggage

Have Drawbars


Item Width

according to size



With Lock


Item Length

according to size

Model Number


Item Type





TSA Lock/PassLock

Luggage Color

Black, Red, Purple

Suitcase Size

16,18,20, 22, 24,26, 28 inch


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