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KongGu Three fold automatic umbrella Main features
●210T high-density impact cloth with a water repellent rating of 4, shaking off the rain easily
●High-strength coating on the surface, good shading and good heat insulation, effectively reducing the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human body
● 8pcs umbrella bones, aluminum alloy + fiberglass material, more durable and wind resistant
● One-button opening and closing, explosion-proof punching structure, fast closing umbrella does not rebound, person will not hurt
● Tri-fold design, you can carry it in your bag to prevent bad weather
● The diameter of the canopy is 116cm, the diameter under the umbrella is 102cm
Product Descriptions
KongGu Three fold automatic umbrella
Strong windproof, strong sun protection, lotus leaf waterproof
102cm diameter under umbrella, very spacious
The umbrella surface has a radius of 58.5cm,
and the diameter of the umbrella under the umbrella is 102cm, which can accommodate 2 people.
The two held an umbrella and would not get their shoulders wet.
210T impact cloth to protect you who need to travel in heavy rain
The choice of umbrella cloth is high-density impact cloth, which is waterproof and super strong.
After you use it, the water drops will slide off and you can safely store it.
The best choice for sun protection on the road in summer
Utilizing the characteristics of the umbrella cloth directly to achieve sun protection,
without additional thick coatings can also achieve UPF> 50.Tookfun.
Lightweight and soft with sun protection.
8-bone fiberglass umbrella frame is strong windproof, escort for outdoor work
Choose high-strength glass fiber with aluminum alloy umbrella frame,
which is delicately balanced in the firm and light.
The specially designed eight-bone structure uses stress to prevent damage to
the umbrella bone during high winds.
Hundreds of tested umbrella stand made of stainless steel
Excellent umbrellas need to be supported by tough umbrella bones, especially folding umbrellas.
Only a reliable middle rod can ensure the life of the umbrella. Tookfun.
This umbrella has been tested more than 400 times and is extremely durable.
Tri-fold structure, portable storage
Tri-fold umbrella, stowed with a size of 31.5cm, close to the size of a sheet of A4 paper,
and easily put in the travel bag.
The weight is 415g, which is equivalent to a rice bowl, and children will not feel heavy.
Explosion-proof automatic structure, stowed in one second, umbrella does not rebound
Built-in explosion-proof automatic structure, when opened, it is completed in one second.
When the umbrella is retracted,
the special design does not need to worry about bouncing and hurting people.
Carefully crafted details
Concealed umbrella beads to prevent scratching
ABS handle for skin-friendly comfort
Rubber integrated umbrella top, double protection
High quality spring, portable and durable
Instructions for use
1. Press the switch on the umbrella handle, the umbrella surface will be automatically opened.
2. Press the switch on the handle of the umbrella, the umbrella surface will automatically retract,
hold the umbrella and close the handle, and hear the “click”, the umbrella is successfully retracted.

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Additional information

Brand Name





48-53cm radius

Model Number



Sunny and Rainy Umbrella




Aluminum Alloy Tube

Panel Material





All in 1

Age Group



Three-folding Umbrella

Release Date


UPF value


Opening and closing method

One-button automatic opening and closing

Umbrella contraction size




Umbrella open size



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