HUION KD100 Keydial Mini Keyboard for Graphics Drawing Tablet Multifunction Wireless Digital Keyboard Keypad 18 Shortcut Keys


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How to connnect to KD100

Product Introduction
KD100 is designed for designers and digital drawing hobbyists who need press keys to complete their works, including people engaged in graphics design, animation design, illustration, game design, interior design, and product design etc. Traditional keyboard tends to take up too much space of the desktop and it's inconvenient as key combos cannot be user-defined. It also causes hand fatigue easily and subsequently brings down the work efficiency. The mini Keydial is therefore created to solve this problem. It is compatible with both Huion's products and many other products in the market.
Net Weight: 115g
Dimension: 146 x 92.9 x 10.8 mm
Press Keys: 18 programmable keys
+ dial controller

USB-C interface is applied to Huion mini Keydial KD100 to enable easier cable connection.


18 Programmable Keyboard Keys

Compatible with the Windows Radial Menu

KD100 supports the quick-access Radial Menu. Performance and numbers of the functions of the Dial vary as the program changes on user's computers.

The premises of running the Radial Menu are as follows:
1. The computer is running Windows 10 or later versions.
2. The Radial mode should be on within the Driver.

In the Radial Mode, users can long press the inner button to call up a radial menu.
Rotate the dial to highlight the functions on the menu (Radial Menu is active) or implement the function that you have set (Radial Menu is inactive).
Click to choose the function you want on the menu (Radial Menu is active) or implement the function that you have set (Radial Menu is inactive).

Users need to customize the functions of the wheel after turn on the Radial mode.The path: Settings-Devices-Wheel.

The default wheel settings are volume, scrolling, zoom, and withdraw. Users can add or reduce these functions according to their habits.

Users can set unique functions for different programs or add multiple new tools to the wheel.


Wireless Receiver

For Your Attention:
1. Wireless mode will be deactivated when a cable is connected between the device and PC;wireless connection remains active while KD100 is being charged;

2. Communication range: about 5-10m(subject to surroundings)

Scissor-switch Keyboard

①Design of scissor-switch keyboard enables users a smooth keystroke experience from all directions;
②A shorter total key travel distance can effectively reduce the fatigue in fingers;
③Keystroke Lifespan:over 1 Million times

Application:illustration/animation/graphics design/industry design/image editting/anime games,etc.

①slim and portable design with a separate cable;
②USB-C interface;
③ergonomic and user-friendly design favorable for both left-handed and
right-handed users; usable on screen and desktop; fatigue release.

Package Include:

Kd100 is suitable for any product compatible with V15 drive system

Compatible models:
Q11K V2
WH1409 V2
H610PRO V2

Inspiroy Series:

H640P H950P H1060P
H1161 H320M Q620M
KD200 H580X H610X

Kamvas Series:
Kamvas 12(GS1161)
Kamvas 13(GS1331)
Kamvas 16(GS1562)
Kamvas 16 2019(GS-156)
Kamvas 20(GS1901)
Kamvas 22(GS2201)
Kamvas 22 Plus(GS2202)

Kamvas Pro Series:
Kamvas Pro 12(GT-116)
Kamvas Pro 13(GT-133)
Kamvas Pro 16(GT-156)
Kamvas Pro 20(GT-192)
Kamvas Pro 22(GT-221)
Kamvas Pro 20(GT1901)
Kamvas Pro 22(GT2201)
Kamvas Pro 24(GT-240)
Kamvas Pro 16(GT1561)
Kamvas Pro 16 Plus(GT1562)

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Wireless Receiver

Wireless Receiver



Mini Keydial

Mini Keydial

Keyboard for Drawing Tablet

Keyboard for Drawing Tablet

Hot Keys Keyboard

Hot Keys Keyboard

Digital Keypad For PS

Digital Keypad For PS

Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablet



18 Shortcut Keys

18 Shortcut Keys


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