Propeller Holder for DJI Mini 3 Pro Propellers Stabilizer Props Fixed Protector Prop Blades Strap Mount Guard Drone Accessories


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  • Note: The following is the exquisite packaging of lens cap, silicone cover, and landing gear. For bulk purchases, you can contact customer service to get the best price!


1. Effectively fix the propeller to prevent damage to the propeller when the aircraft is put into the backpack;
2. The integrated chassis design can effectively fit the body and play a protective role, without affecting the installation of the original lens cover;
3. Soft TPU material blade belt, will not scratch and squeeze the body and slender blades;
4. Quickly disassemble, effectively store the propeller, and easy to operate.


Material: TPU soft glue
Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
Color: Grey
Net weight: 25.1g
Gross weight: 50g
Product size: 8.5*6*5.5cm
Packing size: 11*7.5*4cm

Packing list:

1pcs Propeller Holder


1. Effectively Holding the propellers in place, it prevents them from damage during transport and storage,
2. The holder has been specifically designed for the Mini 3 Pro, It's made from plastic material to prevent scratches,
3. The holder is small yet efficient. It does not take up more space.


Material: ABS
Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
Color: Black
Net weight: 8.4g
Package weight: 25.3g
Product size: 8*2.9*3.5cm (Propeller holder top), 8*3.5*3.2cm (upper beam propeller)
Package size: 9*5*4cm

Packing list:

1set Propeller strap


1.Does not include the Drone and Storage bag,
2.Transition: 1cm=10mm=0.39inch,
3.Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. please make sure you do not mind before ordering,
4.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item,please make sure you do not mind before ordering, Thank you!

1. Effectively fix the propellers to prevent damage to the propellers when the aircraft is put into the backpack,
2. Fitting to the body effectively protects and does not affect the installation of the lens cover, and will not scratch or squeeze the body,
3. One-step snap-fastening for quick disassembly and assembly, effective storage of propellers, and convenient operation.

Main material: PC
Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
Color: Gray
Net weight: 20.3g
Gross weight: 30.4g
Product size: 6.2*8.2*6.8cm
Packing size: 8.3*7.3*3cm

Packing list:
1pcs Stabilizer

1. Translucent design, easy to observe the protection status of the gimbal,
2. Fit the body design, stable and not loose,
3. Protect the lens, front-view and down-view visual sensing systems, prevent foreign objects from colliding, and prevent dust,
4. Fix the gimbal to protect the lens from being scratched at all times during transportation.

Tips: Please remove the protective cover before flying to avoid obstructing the movement of the GIMBAL.

Material: PC
Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
Color:Transparent Black
Net weight: 15g
Package weight: 28.1g
Product size: 7.5*7.1*5.8cm
Package size: 7.5*8*5.5cm

1. The sled-like design increases the landing area of the landing gear, and the landing structure is firm and stable,
2. Effectively increase the height of the aircraft by 35mm to avoid the sundries on the bottom of the aircraft contaminating the fuselage or damaging the gimbal when the aircraft takes off and land,
3. Light weight does not affect flight, foldable tripod, portable storage, easy travel,
4. Embedded quick release design, firmly lock the body, easy installation and disassembly.

Material: ABS
Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
Color: grey
Net weight: 17.6g
Gross weight: 32g
Product size: 9.4*12*5.4cm
Packing size: 3.5*7.5*12cm

1. The external silicone protective cover is effectively anti-drop, shock-resistant and scratch-resistant, reducing damage and making use and storage more worry-free,
2. The reinforced rib surface design can be kneaded at will without changing shape,
3. The surface is sprayed with touch oil, which is as moisturizing as baby's skin, beautiful and comfortable,
4. The precise hole position and the remote controller are just right for integration, coordination and beauty, without affecting the flight control,
5. Flexible and elastic, easy to disassemble and install.

Material: Silica gel,
Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro RC Remote Controller
Color: red, black, grey
Net weight: 46g
Package weight: 50.2g
Product size: 17*12.5*5cm
Package size: 19.8*14.8cm

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Material: ABS




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