Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit

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  • Item Type: Microphone
  • Material: Plastic, Aluminum
  • Electrical Cureent: 70mA
  • Power Supply: 5V
  • Sensitivity: -43±3dB (at 1kHz)
  • Plug Type: USB

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pc

Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit

68 reviews for Studio USB Computer Microphone Kit

  1. L***z

    The microphone arrived sooner than expected and if quality is very good, it is a quality product and also economical, I recommend it 100%.

  2. L***v

    Excellent microphone, noise at a minimum, frequency response for this price is best, wire, unlike the fifty k669, detach, the stand-pantograph keeps the microphone on Hurray. Rich equipment (pop filter, foam Foam, tripod, pantograph, spider, Wire (long XTA, meters 2-3)). Top for your money of a hedgehog)

  3. M***v

    Excellent call for its price, convenient suspension. Finally got a good microphone

  4. Customer

    Fast delivery in Russia via IML. The microphone came in a large, dense box, safe and sound. In the complete set a rich set of all sorts. A perfect combination of price and quality. As they say: “top for your money”

  5. A***


  6. Customer

    It came to star in three days, the sound quality is excellent, it pleases that they put spare parts

  7. R***o

    It met all my expectations. I’m an announcer and I always record. Great cost benefit!

  8. A***v

    Everything is fast, without complaints, it works fine, I recommend

  9. Customer

    Delivered fast, as described… haven’t tested it yet though

  10. S***g

    I’m very impressed. Good quality, arrived fast in the country. I want to try it in an environment with a lot of noise to see if there’s a reduction in it.

  11. A***z

    Excellent, best microphone for price

  12. R***a

    Everything came in the specified time. The quality of the goods is excellent.

  13. S***s

    Arrived the next day! To see more follow Twitch pele_17

  14. M***y

    Great kit. Everything works, no damage. Assembled, connected and configured without problems. Thank you!

  15. G***r

    Arrived in 2 weeks, nothing to install, just put the cord into the micro and other end into the computer and everything, the microphone works, in this regard, there are no jams, sound adjust so, on the microphone slider on the middle, and in Computer look for how to configure micro and put on 80, sensitivity acceptable, sound clear, you can sing (voice processing of course is also needed, not without this), it is worth your money, without headaches, etc. delivery 5zv, quality 5zv, easy to apply 5zv, thank you!

  16. A***n

    The product is of excellent quality (already checked on the record). Everything very clearly catches and sends to the sound capture device. Ordered 21.09 (from a warehouse in Moscow), and 26.09 the parcel delivered the courier personally to the hands. Packed just super. Satisfied with the goods for 100%!

  17. M***r

    Excellent quality, audio is excellent, I recommend the product and store widely.

  18. J***n

    Very good construction quality. Excellent quality price. 100% recommended.

  19. Customer

    Because of the coronavirus, the parcel has been with me for two months, if you have the same, do not spam the store, it is not his fault, blame China Post, they do not handle, about 45 days, the parcel just lay somewhere in the Chinese warehouse. Pro Microphone itself: I used to use Samsung Galaxy S8 as a PC microphone, and it seemed to me that it sounds normal, but after I connected the fifty t669, the sound from my phone seemed like crap, that’s that fifty is better. For its price is OK, not super cool, but OK. Paid $75, taking into account delivery to Ukraine… 2000 hryvnia… Do not wear 2 filters immediately!!! Thats wrong!!! I write this because in the reviews all put two filters on the microphone at the same time!!!!!!!!!!! At home, wear only a pop filter, as in my photo, if you have a fan or air conditioning, then put on a windproof filter, and pop filter remove. Review the microphone can look at my YouTube channel: Ridavin

  20. N***a

    The goods came mega-quickly, the benefit was sent from Russia to Russia. Already on the 5th day the courier delivered to the door. Took for 4528r. In a week the price is already 4714r. The equipment is OK, packing too. Tested. The sound is good and with high-quality processing can be improved to studio quality. You can record even vocals and hardly anyone can distinguish this microphone from expensive capacitors. Despite it is USB microphone, it can be connected to the smartphone through a special adapter and take it with you to the street, which makes it mobile. For example, for shooting interviews somewhere in a cafe. Of the minuses. Yeah, he’s catching foreign noise, especially the noise from the coolers of the system and on the post is very difficult to get rid of it, therefore, when recording, it is best to isolate yourself from extraneous sounds. In general, the purchase is satisfied. For yutuba, that’s it.

  21. P***y

    Excellent microphone, the sound is beautiful

  22. A***l

    Good microphone. Bought it mostly for online meetings, fully satisfied. The bad point is that it catches voice from both sides and if there is sound in the room, it will record it too. Also, if you put the microphone in the holder to reduce shake noises, you will be unable to change volume by the wheel, but it’s not a very common need

  23. R***v

    Delivery 2 weeks to Voronezh, with the appearance of you qualitatively, the same packaging is good, in general a good product

  24. Customer


  25. L***t

    It came a week and a half before the Republic of Bashkortostan, works, without visible defects. The son is very pleased. Seller recommend! Don’t talk to him…

  26. E***s

    Very quickly came, the quality for such a price is just top! Advise!)

  27. P***v

    Cool microphone! I recommend to purchase.

  28. B***e

    Everything came safe and sound. Works or not yet did not look, but if something is wrong, I’ll add a review

  29. O***a

    Came in six days. Thank you very much everything works

  30. V***r

    Good micro, only have some noise

  31. P***X

    Very good came very fast estrega 🙂

  32. E***

    The sound is good, the adjustment is simplest. Popfilter is screwed badly, but without it is normal. It came in 3 days in St. Petersburg

  33. H***i

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  34. J***z

    Very good works show ball

  35. E***a

    Nice mic. Sound gives a decent. To process the sound, of course it is necessary.

  36. O***k

    Order came in less than 10 days, packed neatly, all components are also packaged in parolone and parolone. All components correspond to the ordered. Happy as luck. The store is super, I recommend to all

  37. M***a

    I ordered from Spain, it came in 10 days to Poland. i will check as quality

  38. R***m

    Fire! Sound, rack, material and assembly-gun! I am pleased. Ыыыыыы. Went to write a hit for VK chat: D

  39. 7***r

    The microphone is good. Looks the same as in the photo. Sounds good. Very sensitive even sounds from the next room are heard. But it can be customized. Came in 11 days from the time of order. Quite a heavy microphone and very pleasant matte coating. The wire is very long enough for any big table. I’m happy with the purchase. Seller recommend.

  40. I***y

    Ordered 11.11.2020, received 20.11.2020. Something long delivery from Moscow. On the microphone already many wrote that good. Actually I will not stay away, Micron fire for my price. Given the discounts, cost me for 3,9 K. Norms price. I can not extend the analogy with similar devices for the reason that all conscious life used sneakers for 500re, and then at old age I decided to scatter. I did not communicate with the store.

  41. D***v

    Everything suits, good sound

  42. F***r

    Priyshov to Ukraine for 13 days, everything is packed, I recommend

  43. C***c

    Good microphone, good sound, but there are many scratches on the stand, there is no paint in some places, the box is a little crumpled. But for scratches is offensive

  44. A***n

    All is well. Came quickly, sound top

  45. N***t

    Ansha Abdul! The microphone ordered 11, came 23. In principle, quickly and without damage. Looks expensive and solid, the sound quality is also Abdul! For recording, strims and communication is enough with your head. The microphone is equipped with a removable wire, which in case of which you can replace, which also gives a plus in a piggy bank, well, it is so to say the plug and play, that is, just inserted the USB into the port and use. Of the functions, micro unfortunately only adjust the volume, no Muta button, no port for monitoring sound from headphones. But in principle for his money he is top and very even. I am happy!

  46. S***v

    Delivery fast 2 weeks to Irkutsk. Packed in a box, the package is rich. Turned on does not work, it turns out in Windows 10, you need to give permission to use the microphone with applications. The sound is excellent. Seller recommend.

  47. N***n

    Very fast delivery. Week. The sound is soft and pleasant, the kit is excellent, and even if you want to buy another microphone, then the stand and pop filter can be used further. If you are a musician, then the option is not bad, although it is better to buy a model more expensive, with a monitor (the ability to insert headphones directly into the microphone), but if there is no possibility, then you can take this model boldly.

  48. D***y

    The microphone is good, the quality is excellent. Delivered quickly. I’m happy with the purchase.

  49. O***v

    very good 🙂

  50. M***a

    Super! Delivered quite quickly (about 10 days to St. Petersburg) by courier to the door. It looks cool, packed well, the box is not crumpled at all (even wrapped in a navel). Also broke first with the address and asked to change-changed and delivered exactly the right in the end. Everything is in its best form

  51. M***v

    The product is excellent compared to the hvaleny trust GXT 212 which I bought before and the benefit of drained on time and bought this is a miracle with the richest kit. You can find unpacking on my channel “Thousand and One Parcel” there are also jokes.

  52. M***i

    It’s up to high-end microphones, recommended item

  53. D***v

    8 days delivery to city, chose IML delivery, pick up via courier couldn’t, I had to go to the PvZ myself. Packed normally, in a package with a navel, inside a box with foam, all the details. Not a professional streamer, I bought just for chats in discord, smog, cart. The connection is instant, the device was immediately defined as PNP, the sound of the recording at altitude, the sensitivity is such, that you hear the fart of the neighbors. I liked the installation, immediately installed the pantograph, popfilter, ran a wire under the table, in short, the high. For this cost is fully satisfied with the complete set and the device itself. Honestly, I was surprised, but people know what they produce, all the sheep are cast qualitatively, all the slots are adjusted, there are additional spare parts to replace the broken ones.

  54. D***y

    Микрофон шикарный

  55. F***s

    He arrived without customs, I saved myself and the box was proud

  56. S***o

    The Primorsky Territory reached 20 days. Ordered on December 31, probably so there was a delay with the shipment. It’s okay, it’s good. Easily assembled and immediately connected. Sound good. Recommend

  57. A***a

    Very happy, for the price you have, more can’t be asked and has arrived in two days. I didn’t expect it to come so fast. In general I am very happy with the product and its finishes.

  58. S***a

    I use more than a month

  59. V***r

    I’m delighted with this microphone, I came very quickly, to the Vorkuta only 15 days. The sound is clean, then what you need. It is going to be quite simple, pleased with the packaging, everything is neat, safe, with respect to the buyer, the kit contains additional details, in case you lose. The microphone is definitely worth its money. Who to purge in the Disk?: Z

  60. 4***r

    Everything is in place, micro came, everything is in the package, in general, do not get 6, quietly order. Micro checked, it works fine, better than any single-use HiPER iksov. Respect. The goods came in 3 days to St. Petersburg.

  61. P***z

    Everything perfect

  62. S***v

    Received the parcel quickly enough. In appearance, very high quality goods. Thank you to the store, he informed me about the movement of the goods and the delivery was carried out by The Courier. Very convenient! Seller recommend. I will add feedback after installation and use

  63. R***v

    Балдежно выглядит, дополню отзыв как только установлю, целый месяц на работе и нет возможности проверить его.

  64. V***v

    Quality for 5, sound for 5, what else is needed)

  65. G***u

    I’m so so happy with this product. it came so well packaged, the box it’s in great conditions. the quality is 100% incredible, so great for recording and streams and also it’s easy to install. thank you so so much

  66. S***n

    Delivery to Moscow 3 days. Everything is intact.

  67. V***r

    I came from Moscow in 3 days, but it’s not surprising, I live 70 km from it. The packing is whole, all components are intact. I set up Min for 20, even got rid of the noise. In general, I recommend for all 100%. In the course of operation I will add reviews

  68. K***v

    Looks cool, tactile pleasant, plastic flimkovat… It came quickly, I’ll check, I’ll add

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